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Ever wanted to ride to a destination with a few mates or small group of your own choosing? Want to celebrate a special milestone? Not sure on the route, fuel distances, camping spots, accommodation choices? What do you need to take? Don’t have a satellite phone, tools, spares or just want to ride the best trails without the worry of sorting it all? Like the idea of an Adventure ride but just are confident enough to join a bigger ride? What should you do to prepare your ride? RideADV is running private guided, customised tours as well as our regular 2,3 and week ride events. We can hire bikes for your mates that no longer have a bike, all bikes include a GPS and luggage options. We can even hire GPS units for those that don’t have one. We have run tour weekends and week-long rides for birthdays, bucks ride and even a ride to a wedding coming up. The level of assistance for your ride is up to you, one guide and sweep, just a sweep or just a guide. Get in contact with the team and discuss your ideas it is cheaper than you think. It’s your ride, your adventure

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