Yamaha’s bLU cRU Supporting RideADV into 2018!

By 20th February, 2018News
Yamaha’s bLU cRU Supporting RideADV into 2018!

Have you noticed our website’s new look? RideADV is proud to announce we’ve partnered with Yamaha’s bLU cRU. Along with Adventure Moto, Yamaha Australia has been behind the RideADV series from day one. bLU cRU offers a unique experience from the trail to adventure, covering all skill levels to the professional racer.

With the backing of bLU cRU, riders get a safe and professional support group that encourages and guides our young riders through the world of racing. But they don’t stop there—bLU cRU also helps host rides and events ranging from the trail to adventure excursions, while covering all skill levels to help our riding community thrive regardless of experience. bLU cRU’s spirit of community is setting the standards for the next generation of riders.

The bLU cRU community offers real value to our RideADV customers and participants with not only dedicated Yamaha rides but with most of our rides throughout the year being open to riders of all skill levels and with all brands of dual-sport and adventure motorcycles welcome.

Yamaha’s bLU cRU Partnership

The RideADV partnership with bLU cRU enables us to continue to provide some of the most organised, best equipped and fully supported riding our customers will ever experience. When you join a bLU cRU, RideADV ride you get a carefully thought out, pe-run event that is fully supported by lead riders, sweep riders and support 4×4 vehicles.

RideADV will continue to run two and three-day events throughout the year, plus our longer annual Bridge to Bridge and/or outback experience rides which are usually set for a week to ten days.

Join One Of rideADV  Many Amazing Adventures

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