Would Do It Again In A Heartbeat – Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride

By 5th October, 2018Ride Feedback

Day 1 of the rideADV annual Police Remembrance Ride

We covered 325 km from the Remembrance Wall in Sydney – to the thriving metropolis of Gulgong. The police escort out of Sydney was cool – it’s a strange experience to ride through red lights while motorcycle police are stopping the traffic. It was instant summer today too – 31 degrees at Richmond and still 25 degrees here at the Gulgong Motel at 5 pm. It looks like a BMW 1200 GS Rally here at the motel – I count at least 10 of them. Thankfully, there is a handful of WR250Rs to keep the Bavarian beer barrels honest. More fun to be had in the dirt tomorrow as we head for Parkes.


Police Motorcycle Escourt Sydney


Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride

Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride

Day 2 – RideADV Police Remembrance ride. Gulgong to Parkes – 420 kms.

Man, it’s flat out here, not a hill in sight, thousands of square km’s of flat. That delivers long fast straight squiggly grey gravel roads terminating in a sharp 90-degree turn, then another fast long straight of maybe slick hard packed red clay and billowing red dust. The Rabbit Trap hotel delivered massive country lunches (check out the plate-sized steak below). Tonight we’re having a buffet dinner in a Parkes motel. Great adventure, great food, great company, great conversation. More to come tomorrow.

The Rabbit Trap Hotel

Yamaha Dubbo

Day 3 – RideADV Police Remembrance ride.

The sun sets on the Swaggers Motel at Yass. 330 km’s today across the flat plains from Parkes. I’m amongst really good riders, and the big Beemers have been impressive to watch. The dust was an issue. It rained lightly a few days back, but the moisture doesn’t last. It is good to see some crops taking hold. We head into the Brindabella Range tomorrow and that should suit the WR and me better. The RideADV crew have been doing there usual thorough and efficient job.

Yamaha WR250R On The 2018 Wall To Wall Remembrance Ride

Yamaha WR250R On The 2018 Wall To Wall Remembrance Ride

Day 4 (Saturday) – RideADV Police Remembrance Ride. 300 km – Yass to Gunning via the Police Remembrance ceremony in Canberra.

Today I got to stand amongst some very special people. Thousands of motorcyclists from across Australia gathered to remember and honour Police personnel who have lost their lives while serving and defending the community. It seemed that most of the riders were current or retired Police officers. Some of these had travelled in our group from Sydney.

All the riders, including me, assembled two-by-two into a procession that brought Canberra to a halt as we made our way across the city, around Parliament House, and on to the Remembrance Wall ceremony. All along the way people and families gathered to wave, applaud and lend their support.

The ceremony was particularly poignant and sad, as one serving officer had lost his life in a road accident while travelling from Victoria to Canberra.  In listening to the speeches I was reminded that few of us have to go to work each day facing the possibility that we may be killed while simply carrying out our normal duties. These people live with that reality. They deserve our respect.


Wall To Wall Police Rememberance

Fitzroy rideadv


5 Day Ride with rideADV.com.au and ADV Worx – Gunning to Mittagong via Wombeyan Caves.

Just finished the amazing Wall to Wall – 5 Day Ride with rideADV.com.au and ADV Worx, 1750km round trip. 30 riders, fully supported by the rideADV crew, Greg Yager, Smash, Barry and Chicken (these are real names).

A fantastic trip would do it again in a heartbeat. Special thanks to the rideADV crew, and of course my wife, Nancy Jaworski Reid, thanks for looking after the kids on your own for 5 days. Glad to be home and clean again.

– Ride Report By John Harrison


The Wall To Wall Remembrance Ride will be back in 2019.

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