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We aim to get you off bitumen roads, out of your comfort zone and to see some of the best-hidden trails in Australia. But in order to do that, we need to make sure you and your bike are properly prepared by reading our riding and safety information page. And remember, if you don’t have your own ADV bike, you can also hire one of our Yamaha WR250R motorcycles, all set up for adventure riding (limited numbers).

There are a few things you should check off your list when getting ready, so make sure to take a careful read.

Trip Info

Read the trip notes in the ride description carefully from top to bottom and take note of these basics:

Know the fuel range of your bike and check the route notes for the ride. There are a number of ways to carry spare fuel. If in doubt, check the forum or email info@rideadv.com.au.
Check your accommodation. Most rides require you to book your lodging prior to attending. Check the forum for more information. There are usually a number of options you can take ranging from camping to motels. The phone numbers are generally in the ride notes on the forum or event page.
Make sure you have good tyres. How often are you going to get a chance to do hundreds of kilometers of premium off-road riding this good? Throwing a new set of tyres on the bike will ensure you get the most out of your adventure. Semi-knobby tyres similar to the TKC-80 and Kenda Big Block are the sort of knobby we recommend for the bigger multi-cylinder bikes. Check the forum and event page for more info or contact TB.
Pack light and low. If you don’t absolutely need it, don’t bring it. Try to pack whatever you do bring as low and light as possible. A good set of side bags is a perfect start. The lighter you travel, the more fun you will have on the trail.
Keep a close eye on the weather forecast. Weather plays a major role in our tours, which means that we have to be flexible and always have various contingency plans in place to ensure we maximise your adventure every time. Throw in some wet-weather gear and something warm if there is any chance of rain.

Bike Maintenance

Here are some quick tips of things to check before you leave:

Fluids and filters. Oil, water, brake, clutch fluids and air filter.
Tyre pressure. Most adventure bikes work well off-road between 20 and 30 PSI depending on the weight of the bike. See your dealer for specific information on your model or check out the forums.
Drive-line. Chain tension and sprocket wear, brake pads and lever freeplay.
Tyres and suspension. We recommend knobby style aggressive tyres for all our rides unless written on the ride brief. Check for good tread, bleed the forks if bleeders fitted and ensure suspension operates smoothly without any binding.
Check lights, indicators and mirrors.
Inspect all bolts and nuts. Check to ensure they are tight, such as the axle, fork mounts, brake caliper bolts, linkage, side and centre stand bolts, kickstart, gear lever, brake lever bolts and engine mounts.

Recommended and Required Safety Gear

The top piece of safety gear for every rider would be the Spot Gen3 GPS Satellite Messenger. Not only can your friends and family track your progress in real-time as you ride, but in an accident situation emergency services can pinpoint your exact location very quickly and send help. These devices save lives and we recommend them for every rider whether on our rides or not. This is equipment that professionals use and it is very cheap insurance.

Proper gloves, boots and helmet are an absolute necessity. Given the amount of off-road riding, a set of adventure boots is highly recommended as a minimum. Standard road riding boots are not as strong and do not have as much armour around the ankle and shin. Adventure Moto has a range of safety gear online with fast shipping available.

Navigation Riding In Australia


rideADV caters to a wide range of GPS units. We use and recommend Garmin Motorcycle. Our favorites are the Garmin ZUMO 660, Garmin Montana 650T, Garmin 62 & 64s and the Garmin Montana 680T.

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What Our
Sweeps Carry

Our Sweeps carry basic tool kits and years of experience with them. They’ll have on hand: Spare tubes, spare fuel, tire plugs, sat phone, first aid kits, spanners and sockets, and more to perform basic track-side repairs to get you back on your bike.

Ride Grading
and the ‘Special Sections’

Our rides cater to riders of many different skill levels from beginner to expert. Some riders like a challenge and the special sections are optional routes for experienced riders to get the adrenaline pumping. These sections may include very steep declines and ascents, loose rock and very rough terrain, moderate to deep water crossings, mud and other fun stuff.

If you have a serious sense of adventure and the off-road skills to tackle the red sections, they are great fun and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

If you’re not too sure that’s up your alley, don’t worry, the rides are still amazing with plenty of challenging sections. Remember also that the Special Sections generally add extra time to your day.

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