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The yearly Yamaha WR250 Rally is about to begin this weekend and we thought this is an ideal time to jump onboard and learn more about rideADV and what an organised ride is like.

Thanks, Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV (MADTV) for this epic footage! Be sure to subcribe to his youtube channel!


If you missed the Yamaha WR250 Rally – be sure to sign up and join us for the next ride this season!

RideADV’s Insanely Cold 2 Day Nav Ride Central West NSW, June 2018 !!

Intro to rideADV by MADTV video transcript

Hi. My name is Greg Yager. I’m the manager of the bLU cRU rideADV team based in Dural, here in Sydney.

We do all our rideADV bLU cRU rides out of our Sydney base, which is also a shared house for the ADVworx workshop.

RideADV navigation ride runs around a concept of running a full navigation event. We load the GPS every night and we have a selection of routes. We have a standard route or a special route. The special route is more technically challenging, and probably for a higher skill set rider. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big bike or a small bike, but we need to make sure that guy can get through.

Both of the routes are supported by our sweep riders, and by our sweep cars or our broom cars, as we call them. We have Zero Riders go out early in the morning, about an hour and a half ahead of the pack, and they zero the route and they make sure it’s okay and put out a few danger markers if need be, and generally make sure the route is as per the two pre-runs we did prior to the ride.

Dave from MADtv:

From my experience, planning a decent 900 km 3-day ride with superb tracks and trails like these would mean studying maps for weeks. And there is nothing more frustrating than to get out into the bush only to discover the track is blocked or closed for some reason. Greg and his team ride and explore the tracks weeks in advance, and on the day of the ride he heads out early to confirm they are still open and identify if there are any dangers.

RideADV is a navigational ride, and not a race. Every evening your GPS is loaded with the track for the following day. You wake up in the morning, log in and then you take off with some friends or some new found riding buddies. The trail pace you set is up to you.You can stop and take in the view, have a coffee, basically do what you want, as long as you’ve completed that day’s track by around 4 pm.

Fast forward to 2014, and Greg Yager of accidentally discovered the Yamaha WR250R potential as a reliable adventure mount. In collaboration with Yamaha, Adventure Moto and Teknik Suspension, the rideADV crew, have constantly refined and improved the adventure capabilities of this little bike. Since that time, the word has now spread, and the little 250 has developing quite a following that was celebrated in Cessnock in May 2017 with the inaugural WR250R and X Rally.


Unknown speaker: They are coming. The WR’s are coming!


With a heap of first-time adventurers in the Yamaha WR250R and X Rally, day one was seen as a sampler with a combination of trails designed to test out skills. Easier go-arounds were always provided for the more challenging parts of the course. But this ride was very much about enjoyment for all skill levels.

So, Greg, there’re a lot of people who don’t understand what you get when you go on a paid ride. We’re in the middle nowhere, and what’s happened?


Greg: Old mates trailed the K down the road a couple of times and damaged the radiator. Now, if you were with a group of mates, someone would be now, I don’t know, travelling maybe 80-90 k’s somewhere to maybe get a ute because you’re nowhere near town, and I don’t know what you’d do. You know, this is what happens.

Now, you and your mates and can continue. We’ll pick him up and put him in the car. Give him a bottle of water and make him listen to our country music and we’ll take him to the next town and get something organized!

Dave: Bob’s your uncle, isn’t it! That’s the way you do it. That’s why we do it this way! It’s really simple!

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