How did Crash get his nickname?

By 05/02/2024News
Time Warp #3 for 2024. We often get asked how Crash, the guy who rides so smoothly and swiftly, got his nickname. Well, the truth is, Crash doesn’t really crash, as a general rule. But with the countless kilometers we ride every year, in all kinds of conditions, at all hours of the day (and sometimes even at night), accidents are bound to happen.
Crash’s nickname actually stuck 17 years ago, during the 2007 Yellow Mountain race. It was a stroke of luck that Max Sullivan, a motorcycle photographer, Dakar mechanic, and all-around legend, happened to be standing in a paddock to capture the whole incident. I’ve included the sequence of photos from Max’s website, along with his own words from that time.
• It’s worth noting that Crash was doing around 110kph when it happened.
• He was briefly knocked out, but he regained consciousness, signed a waiver, and continued riding for the rest of the day.
• The very next day, he raced the second 220km leg, overtaking more than 70 bikes with only one eye open.
So, you see, Crash’s nickname is a testament to his resilience and determination. Thanks for the photos Max.

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