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RideADV is a professionally run and supported Navigation ride series born out of the need for dual sport and ADV riders to have locally organized single or multi-day rides, where all the planning and organization has been done for the rider.

Some of the best adventure trail riding on the East Coast of Australia has now been ridden, plotted and mapped by the RideADV team, stitching sections of broken trail into exciting and exhilarating rides for our customers.

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Our Navigation Ride Series

Access some of Australia’s most exciting and remote trails

Our fully supported rides allow you to experience and access some of Australia’s most exciting and remote trails and unpaved roads in a safer environment, blending ADV riding and navigation. Each ride is meticulously planned and pre-run and then plotted to a GPS route for the customer to navigate with friends. During the ride, lead riders head out and check the trail and mark obvious dangers. A sweep crew follows to assist any riders having difficulty. The rides are also supported with 4X4 vehicles with trailers to pick up any bikes that cannot finish the ride. Because you’ll be riding with friends and have a professional team with you on the trail, this can often make the difference between giving up when it all goes pear shaped, to enjoying and completing a route in style and confidence.

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ADV Riders and Bikes

Get the most adventure out of your setup

Dual sport bikes are also known as ‘ADV’ bikes, and come in all sizes from an adventure-prepared 250cc trail bike to a big twin 1200cc motorcycle with off-road tyres. Riders come with all levels of experience as well, with some ADV riders coming from a dirt and trail background, and others from a road or track background. No matter what size bike or experience level, our ride series is designed to support you in your quest to get the most adventure out of your setup.

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Minimum Worry. Minimum Cost.

Bang for your Buck

Our rides are very sensibly and reasonably priced to give you the best experience with the minimum worry and cost. Rides are priced, excluding fuel, meals and accommodation. Maps and routes are loaded prior to the ride commencing, and all riders briefed the evening and the morning before you begin.

Ongoing Support

Our Sponsors

With ongoing support from Yamaha Australia, Adventure Moto, Polisport, Teknik Motorsport, Rival Ink, Nelson Rigg Tank Bags, Gall Bros knee braces, Link International, Pirelli, Funnel Web Filters and Camel Adv Products RideADV series has now been running since 2012 and rides are planned throughout 2024 and into the future.


Photos from some of our recent rides.

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