A 5-Day Prerun in the High Country

By 15th January, 2015Ride Feedback
rideADV Blog 5-Day Prerun in the High Country

Below was taken from our FB page. David hired one of our WR250Rs for a 5 day prerun in the high country. The prerun was for the Feb 2015 ride

Finally back to the grind after a great 5 day ride pre-running the upcoming High Country ride with Greg Yager and Troy Mattson from Ride ADV with Greg Polsen. I had an awesome time receiving the rock star treatment flying down at short notice and jumping on the Ride ADV hire WR250R. The bike was a great set up and made the trip a lot of fun.

Highlights were the Barry Way, Snowy River, Craig’s Hut along with a couple of others, the climb into Mt Hotham at sunrise and hundreds of kilometres of the best adventure riding around.

A big thanks to Greg for putting out the offer to include us along. If you have a chance it would be worth taking part in the ride in a couple of months’ time.

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