Women’s Navigation Ride Weekend

To our favourite lady riders – It’s time to ride!

To all our adventurous women riders, come one, come all, as we team up with Yamaha to bring you Women’s Navigation Ride Weekends throughout 2024! We have the honour of hosting women riders from across Australia in celebration of our growing women ADV community. So come represent, because it’s your ride, your adventure.

Unadulterated Fun

This is the perfect opportunity to not only have some fun and build community with your fellow women riders, but to hone your skills in a safe, supportive environment. We’ll be providing support vehicles and a Sweep Crew to make sure everyone is safe, happy and having a blast, and we’ll even carry your luggage so you can ride unencumbered across our beautiful routes.
All the events are suitable for all bikes and all skill levels, and you will have two amazing days of fully supported ADV riding at its best, great company, and optional support and help from experienced ADV riders.

A Few Questions For The Women’s Navigation Ride Weekends

Can I invite my husband/partner to join?

While any woman rider or female pillion is welcome to join, our male compatriots aren’t invited to join this time around, except those hosting and helping out. But don’t worry! We’ll have plenty of co-ed events in the future. This one’s just for the ladies!

Will the route be easy to navigate?

UPDATED: Yes! While terrain may vary, we’ll be using the CornerPerson style of navigaton, where we will place riders to indicate an upcoming turn.

We’ll have a Lead Rider and our Sweep, with all riders being kept track of in between so no one gets lost and everyone has a safe ride.

Where will we sleep?

You can choose between hotels, pubs or camping at our overnight locations.

Do I need to carry extra fuel?

There’s no need to carry extra fuel, but do make sure you have a minimum fuel range of 140 km. Our sweeps and support vehicle both carry fuel if required.

Will there be support riders?

Yes, we’ll have a full sweep crew who are happy to help out at any point along the ride. Feel free to ask for technical advice or help!

What if I break down?

Our support vehicles will be at your service should you have any trouble. No woman left behind! We will always have spare loan bike if required.

Will there be many riders?

We’ll have a great group of women riders ranging from newbies to experts, plus a handful of other riders to help anyone who may need extra coaching or pointers.

I’m a little hesitant because I feel my riding skills aren’t up to snuff. Is that okay?

Of course! This is a fully supported ride, with a wide range of technical levels, so don’t be shy. We’ll offer support and technical advice whenever you want it.

But I don’t have anyone to go with!

No problem! You’ll make new riding friends who share your joy of the open road.

Is there any way I can prepare ahead of time?

Take a look at our riding and safety information page, to help you get geared up. You can also call either TB 0499 089715 or Crash 0417 291424

Registration and briefing

Final registration, dinner and a mandatory rider briefing is always on the Friday night of the event.

Sign on normally opens around 4pm on the Friday with the riders briefing on after dinner.

See you soon,
Your rideADV crew

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