Flash back to 2015, TB and Pete the Wulf’s double Simpson Desert Crossing on WR250Rs

By 27/01/2024News
Flashback to 2015, where TB conceived a plan to cross the Simpson Desert in a single day, accompanied by Pete the Wulf one of the original sweeps. Six days later two WR250Rs were prepared and away they went. A few facts people don’t know about the trip:
• Firstly, TB kept the destination a secret from Pete until they were ready to depart from the shed.
• Pete had not ridden a bike for a staggering 18 months prior to this trip, a fact TB didnt know until they were halfway there.
• TB’s bike was a brand-new, his previous one had been sold just two days before their departure. Remarkably, he built a new one and when they loaded TB’s bike, it had less than four kilometres on the speedo!
– Both bikes went untouched throughout the entire 1080-kilometer round trip. This speaks volumes about the meticulous preparation that went into their machines. No tools touched the bikes
• Both riders carried essential supplies. They had 34 litres of fuel, 8 litres of water, emergency bivvy bed rolls, satellite phones, and spot trackers.
• At 5 am they rode out of Birdsville and arrived at Mt Dare around 3pm, leaving behind a trail from their spot trackers to confirm the trip.
• Astonishingly, they only made four stops along the way. Two of these stops were to transfer fuel, another was to check on Stuart Ball, and the final pause occurred when Pete had a crash. Remarkably, they managed to combine their refuelling stops with meal breaks, optimizing their time and energy.
• The primary motivation behind TB’s decision to embark on a day crossing was his he didn’t want to camp, he was quoted at the time saying “Mt Dare offers beer, beds, and air conditioning.”
• Initially, the plan was to return to Birdsville via the Oodnadatta track over two days. However, the boys opted to undertake another day crossing at 7am the following morning. Their departure was delayed as they waited for Mt Dare to open as they needed additional water. Finally, at 8am, they set off. They return journey was longer as TB let Pete stop and look at the corner and they lunched with a group from an SA bike club.
It was dark when they got to Big Red day two
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