Navigation with a GPS

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Navigation with a GPS


Our rides are designed to be ridden without maps or using a traditional corner man system. Your ride at your own pace with a minimum of one riding partner for safety or in small groups following a GPS route or track which we have loaded into your Garmin GPS* which can be secured to your motorcycle handlebars and can easily be read and followed while following the route. At least one or two riders in any team should have a GPS and the experience to use it on the trail.

Garmin Montana 650 mounted on a bikeEach rideADV ride is usually planned to allow riders to get the best experience by enabling them to choose the level of ride that suits their experience and bike or the challenge they wish to undertake. Our rides are usually planned with a “Standard” and a “Special” route.

The Standard route is suitable for most riders, including those with less trail experience or those with larger, heavier bikes to manage and is generally a route suitable for those riders who want spectacular and a moderate challenge over the more difficult Special sections.

The Special route is more suited for more experienced riders or riders on smaller bikes and may take you on more challenging trail with rock steps, steeper grades and deeper river or creek crossings. However experienced riders on larger bore bikes can also choose the Special route of they feel they want the additional challenge. If you have any doubts please speak with the Trail Boss prior to having your maps loaded onto your GPS.

(*We use Garmin GPS due to the availability of mapping software and ease of use. We recommend either of the following motorcycle friendly units… 62 series, a 550/660/350 or 390 Zumo or a 650T Montana GPS)


  • Mick Beldzinski says:

    what sort of garmin do you use I have a eTrex vista HCx and I don’t think it’s user friendly.

    • TB says:

      Hi Mick

      We use and recommend the Garmin Montana 650t with a rugged mount. The units are bullet proof it seems as I can’t break them! The are user friendly and have lithium battery for backup if you’re hardwiring fails, and when thats flat take 3 AA batteries

      Give me a call if you ike I am always happy to talk GPSs, 0499 089715


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